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Love Me Now” was 3 years in the making…but well worth the wait. Curtt and I are so proud of this CD and I thank him for all his love, support and hard work in helping to make it happen!

We want to thank the following:

  • Dean Malton (Producer) – Thank you for producing this CD and taking this project on just when we thought it was not going to happen. You did an amazing job and we are forever grateful! Thanks for all the encouragement and advice in studio to bring out the best in me !

  • Elton Lammie – You have become an important part of our lives…you are our friend, confidant and we thank you ! Oh yes…lets not forget your amazing talent…thank you for being a part of the making of this CD and your great vocals !

  • All the musicians – To say they are the “best” is an under-statement ! We just cannot express enough how grateful we are for all of you…Thank you to:

  • Steve Piticco – Lead Guitar & Acoustic Guitar (I Saw The Light)
  • Darren Lachance – Lead Guitar (Every Little Thing / The Wayward Wind / Sing You A Country Song) & Acoustic Guitar
  • Sean O’Grady – Drums
  • John Dymond – Bass
  • Peter Sisk – Bass (Every Little Thing / The Wayward Wind / Sing You A Country Song)
  • Doug Johnson – Steel
  • Don Reed – Fiddle
  • Shane Guse – Fiddle (Every Little Thing / The Wayward Wind /Sing You A Country Song)
  • John P. Allen – Fiddle / Mandolin
  • Elton Lammie – Background Vocals
  • AND DON’T FORGET TO LISTEN TO THE “SECRET TRACK” …wait 3 at the end of the CD…special dedication to my dad, Leonard Leduc...

  • All Songs SOCAN 2016
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